Why Your Should Have Insurance for your Manufacturing Business

An Insight Into How Insurance Helps Manufacturers Protect Their Business From Any Eventuality

Manufacturers face different risks while performing business operations. As such, it is necessary for manufacturers to select business insurance in Alberta which will be able to protect their business and equipment they use. In the following sections let us look at different types of coverage they can choose from.

Insurance for Wholesalers

Business insurance in Alberta for wholesalers provides the following coverage:
  • business insurance in AlbertaComplete property coverage.
  • Coverage for pollution clean up, replacement cost for equipment and building.
  • Coverage for warehouseman's legal liability. This coverage provides protection for other's property held by wholesaler under warehouseman's receipt. It also covers unpaid storage charges. 
  • Coverage for reduced or lost income protection till the time business regains normalcy. This coverage includes additional protection for business income in case of an insured loss, for off-premise utilities, for specific business-related fines and fees and for contingent business interruption experienced by suppliers.
  • Coverage for stock spoilage, contamination, and infestation.
  • Protection for goods in transit and for temporary terminal location.
  • Coverage for equipment breakdown such as freezers, refrigerators, etc.

Insurance For Complex Risks

Few manufacturers face greater risk compared to others. For instance, the risk will be higher for an auto parts manufacturer or any manufacturer who carries out the bulk of his business in the U.S.
In such situation, the manufacturer will require special risk insurance to get necessary coverage. Some situations where you may well require special coverage include:
  • Your manufacturing business makes revenue in excess of $100 million and about twenty-five percent of the revenue comes from U.S. Sales.
  • You have property in the U.S. for which property insurance is required.
  • You need a letter of credit or similar other security for covering a large deductible.

Insurance For Equipment Breakdown

Equipment breakdowns can prove to be costly in case success of your business relies on continual production. When you have such business insurance in Alberta, it can give you the assurance that your business is adequately protected. This type of insurance will provide coverage for:
  • Mechanical breakdowns
  • Electrical arching
  • Cracking and ruptures

Insurance For Liability And Property

This type of business insurance in Alberta can provide the following coverage:
  • Provide protection for physical assets like equipment, stock, and building. Moreover, this type of coverage will also protect equipment and property situated at client's premises, when it is in transit or when it is with sales staff. You get coverage for losses due to vandalism, theft, or fire. In addition to it, this type of insurance also provides coverage for expenditure you have to make on repairing or rebuilding the business property.
  • Liability insurance will be protecting your business in case it is found that you are legally liable for property damage or injuries resulting due to your work or products. You will also get coverage if customers are involved in an accident on your premises or at customer's location.


To conclude we will say that insurance is quite important for manufacturers and by insuring their business they will have peace of mind that they will get needed coverage in case of any eventuality.