Why Film Photography Is Making a Comeback?

The term CES was famous as the Consumer Electronics Show, the stuff of drones, smart home gear and other high-tech gadgets were its crests and what it was recognized for. 

This year in 2018, thousands of people attended the annual tech gathering in Las Vegas and a 129-year-old brand stole the limelight.

Kodak Aliris, the firm that introduced Kodak’s film segments, proclaimed during the event that it would reinstate Ektachrome, a color setback film discontinued in 2012.

Ektachrome’s renewal surprised and satisfied many photographers. This comes as the film photography market is on the up nearly after a decade of decline. 

“In the year 2003 the film market peaked with 960 million rolls of film sold, nowadays it represents roughly 2% of that,” well, you can find out everything about films  online at Walkens .

Kodak 35mm color print film

But in the past 3 years, companies like Kodak, Fujifilm and Harman Technology, which are the leading manufactures of the popular Ilford Photo black-and-white films, have been experiencing a comeback.

Experts have keenly observed the film growth of 5% year-on-year globally,” says Giles Branthwaite, the sales and marketing director at Harman. 

They have mentioned that their professional film sales have been snowballing over the last 2-3 years,” confirms Dennis Olbrich, he is the president of Kodak Alaris’ imaging, paper, photo chemicals and film division.

Specialized photographers are mainly fueling this growth, thanks to the present generation of practitioners who grew up with digital but have instigated dabbling in film. They determine the magic of film photography and numerous of them simply fall in love with it.