What You Should Know Before Signing Up For The Gleim EA Review Course

If you are considering taking the gleim ea review, to prepare to pass the enrolled agent exam, there are a few things you should know beforehand.  First, while the gleim ea review course, is a complete course which covers all the materials and sections that you will be tested on during the actual exam, you still need to make sure you have enough time to fully prepare for the exam.  All too often, students will think that a month or less to study is enough time to prepare for the exam and it can be.  However, if a major work project comes up or something happens at home, requiring you to take time away from your studying, a month in many cases is not nearly enough to prepare.

Besides the gleim ea review, there are of course a number of other options, such as the fast forward academy ea review.  However, with the gleim ea review course, you not only get access to all the testing materials you need, course books and online course book, but you also have a personal adviser to keep you on track.  The personal counselor is there not only to guide you on how to get started with the course and software, but also to keep you motivated and on track.  Since, most of the test prep is done on your own, depending on your schedule, having someone else there to keep you on track and motivated can help out a lot.  In addition to the online adviser, you also have access to accounting professionals, who can answer test related questions via the phone or through email.  Think of the accounting professionals, like a classroom instructor, there to answer any questions you may have or provide further information on a specific topic you are having trouble with.  The great thing about the online and email support, is that it's entirely free and included in the cost of the course.