Ways to Maximize Your Wedding Budget

How to Cut Wedding Cost Without Cutting Style

Everyone knows that weddings are expensive.  From the food to the rental fees, to the dresses and tuxedos, the costs can get out of hand quickly.  In this article, we will look at some ways you can cut costs when wedding planning, but still maintain the look and feel you want. 

Four Ways to Cut Wedding Costs

  • wedding planningHire unknowns  
  • Cut Paper Costs
  • Use In season products
  • Use your friend’s talents

Hire Unknowns

Most people tend to gravitate towards the most popular options when choosing a caterer or band, or venue. But popular doesn’t always mean best, and new artists and creators are emerging into the workforce daily.  Check out local businesses social media and websites, as well as sample their wares. Chances are you will find a hidden gem for half the price. Not only will it help your wallet, but you will also be promoting a talented person or group

In Season Products

Having an in-season meal will save you a lot of money. Using in-season food means you do not have to ship it in, which means fresh local food. And really, no one will notice if you swapped out asparagus for broccoli. 

Another area to purchase in-season products is flowers. Flower costs can sneak up on you, and not order a lot of specialty flowers from out of the country will ensure those costs don’t creep up too much.  Be sure to also check out your local farmers market to see if there are deals to be made directly with the flower growers. This way you may be able to cut some of the costs associated with buying from large businesses. 

Use Your Friends Talents

Your friends and family will want to support you and help in any way they can, but most of us have a hard time accepting that sort of help. In the case of your wedding, this can mean significant savings to you, and to your friends, if you tell invite them to help in lieu of a wedding gift.   Your friends and family can help you create décor, flower arrangements, DJ (with an iPod ). If you have friends and family that work in specific industries, such as photography and graphic design, ask for their help too. Most of the time people will not mind lending out their professional services.

Cut Paper Costs

Paper costs, from invitations to table décor, can get out of hand. There are a lot of ways to cut costs without cutting style, such as setting up a wedding website. This can mean that your guests do not have to mail in an RSVP card, as they could register right on the website. You would also be able to send them mail, which is good for save the date reminders. You could have your registry linked right up to the site so that everyone can find it properly. 


There are a lot of ways to save money when wedding planning. Be creative and open to asking for help, and brush off your bartering skills to haggle for a better price with local businesses. Most of all, get out into your community and find local artists, chefs, and photographers to make the most of your big day.