Ways to Invest in Real Estate

Are you interested in investing in real estate? Both the commercial and residential real estate markets are growing, and there are a lot of opportunities for investors who want to diversify and stabilize their portfolios.

Real estate can be a great passive income source for your retirement, too. It's an all-around good idea for most investors, but how can you get started? What's the best method for you to invest in real estate?

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Become a Landlord

This is probably the most obvious way to invest in real estate. You purchase a property, and then you find tenants to sign a lease and start paying rent.

The money from rent should cover your mortgage payments and upkeep and repairs on the property. In fact, in most areas, it should actually bring in a profit, right from the start.

Being a landlord does require you to be available to take care of maintenance and repairs at any time. You can hire a property management company to take care of this for you, but you'll need to factor their fees into your investment and how much rent you can reasonably charge in your property's neighborhood.

If you're interested in owning property but do not want to deal with the hassles and stress of being a landlord, you may also buy a turnkey property.

These properties have everything taken care of for you, including all property management. In fact, they'll often take care of finding and keeping tenants at the property, as well.

Then again, you could entirely bypass being a landlord but still invest in real estate by using a crowdfunding real estate platform. Membership is free on most crowdfunding sites for real estate, and you can choose how much or little you want to invest in one or many properties.