The Most Common Auto Accident-Related Injuries

An auto accident can result in a number of incapacitating personal injuries, and in worst cases, it may also lead to death. Most those who got hurt in an auto accident suffer impact injuries, from slamming their body into a part of the car upon collision or by being hit by unguarded cargo which had become airborne during the accident.

This article discusses some of the most common auto accident-related accidental injuries you should be aware of.

1. Head Accidents: A vehicular collision can result in a concussion. This might lead to dizziness and vomiting. Inside a severe car accident, the individual could even suffer from seizures or memory loss.

Another head injury can include:

– Eye injuries which might result to partial loss of your visibility or blindness.

– Ear injuries which can result in loss of hearing.

– Fractured face or jaw

– Dental injuries

2. Brain Injuries: That is one of the most dangerous damages that can result from the car accident. A blow to the head or a head injury caused by a sharp object can harm the brain. For more details regarding the same, you can also consult Auto Accident Doctor in Palm Beach Gardens.

3. Neck Incidents: Whiplash is the most common harm which might result from the car accident. Normally, this is a yet painful annoyance which can last for several days. 

4. Back Pains: Back pains which resulted from a car crash usually last for several days and it could even need medication and therapy to completely heal.