Epic Formula to Handle Meniscus Tear

My knee joints have meniscus tears. My left knee joint was operated on and the meniscus tear was treated with significant meniscectomy in my case most of my lateral (external) meniscus was removed. A year later when I had a meniscus tear in my right knee, my doctor also made an appointment to do a meniscectomy within a week.

During this week I noticed that my knees were much better and I canceled my surgery appointment one day before I had to undergo surgery. If you want to learn more details about ‘non-surgical regenerative PRP stem cell therapy for knee L’ (which is also known as ‘غير الجراحية التجدد PRP العلاج بالخلايا الجذعية للام في الركبة’ in the Arabic language) then you can have a peek here.

During the next few weeks, my swelling disappeared and I was able to walk with my knees. I try to avoid direct pressure on my injured knee and during the rehabilitation period, I mostly swim, ride a bicycle and build leg muscles with heavy equipment. I am sure there are several degrees of deterioration of the meniscus due to injury but I do not have to undergo surgery.

My right knee injury happened 6 years ago and I can tell you that my non-operated knee was in a much better condition than my operated knee. The recovery time after surgery is long enough I have to use crutches for months after surgery.

Even though I had arthroscopic surgery which was a big improvement compared to the fact that a few decades ago they were used to cut your knees wide with a knife. Look at the scars that patients have on their knees because of having open knee surgery in the 80s and 70s.

Also at that time they always used a full meniscectomy process which increased the risk of permanent damage to the articular cartilage if the patient continued to play soccer or other sports which included running.