Supplements For Joint Health

No horse is perfect – brittle hoofs, too excitable, problems with digestion or fat loss. However, with nutritional supplements, nearly all horses can be attracted to optimum health and functionality.

One of the most frequent supplements used by many horse people is joint nutritional supplements. They are used for a variety of reasons – from simple stiffness to degenerative diseases. And there are various supplements to select from.

First of all, evaluate your horse's combined condition. Does your horse come from his stall stiff? Can he work out of it using a few warm-ups? You may choose to work with your veterinarian on this with x-rays or ultrasound to define the issue.

Additional aspects are going to be your horse's age, the form and quantity of riding you do and whether there have been beyond joint or tendon/ligament issues. Even young horses may benefit from a combined supplement as it might prevent future problems.

Not all joint supplements are created equal. Joint supplements are technically known as "nutraceuticals. " Nutraceuticals aren't regulated by the Food & Drug Administration so the amount and variety of ingredients can vary.

One nutraceutical may work miracles on a single horse, but maybe not so well on another. So be ready to experiment with different products and different combinations of ingredients.