Renting a Soft Serve Ice Cream Machine

Considering leasing a soft serve machine? Sweet! The machine completely turns a terrific celebration in an amazing one by creating ice cream. Find the soft serve ice cream & frozen yoghurt machines through the web.

1. Transport: Most rental companies require that you choose the machine up and return them. This looks easy enough- but make sure you bring the guy power you want to lift it (normally two to three powerful people), since most soft serve machines normally weigh approximately 220 lbs. They do not match in a tiny four-door car, so plan on bringing in a van, an SUV truck or truck to transfer it.

2. Electricity: Many soft function rental companies rent out a Taylor 152-12 machine that runs from a normal 20-volt socket. 20 volt sockets are located in the majority of houses from the kitchen or toilet.

The machine operates on 16.2 amps that mean that in case you try to run lights or extra appliances on precisely the exact same circuit, then it's very likely to travel. Just be certain nothing else is plugged into precisely the exact same circuit as the system and it must do the job correctly.

3. Loudness: These soft serve machines create noise while they're operating. If you're utilizing it in a huge room or outside, the sound isn't likely to become a problem. But if you're planning to operate the machine in a small area or a silent environment, bear in mind you will have the noise of this machine amid your celebration.