Questions to Ask Your Bathroom Tiler

When it comes time to get a professional to retile your bathroom, do not be shy to ask them a few simple questions related to the work they will do for you. Getting a few fundamental things clear before starting the work will ensure that the work is done when and how you would like it and also avoid nasty surprises upon completion.You can, however, hire your tiling professional via

Here are some simple questions that you should ask your tiler:

1. Have you done a project like this before?

It is always wise to ask the dealer for reference or if you can, talk to people that they have a job previously done for. If you are looking to do something a little out of the ordinary, be sure to check that your dealer has hired is up to the task.

2. Are you qualified?

It is not polite to ask a tradesman qualification! With so many rogue traders out there these days always make sure that the person you hire to do your work recognized qualifications.

3. How long will the job take?

Setting a time scale is very important to keep a handle on costs. If you pay your tiler for the time spent doing the work, it is not unheard of for a trader to drag the job to get more money from you. If you retiling your bathroom in conjunction with another job, knowing how long it will take will ensure other work needs to be done can be planned for and completed in good time.

4. How much will it cost?

Always agree on a fixed price before work is started. If you are working on remodeling and then keep a close eye on your budget is very important. Be sure to get a written offer from the merchant and never pay for any work ahead.

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