North Sydney Film Photography Guide

photo of North Sydney

Film Photography In North Sydney

North Sydney is on the other side of the bay. It is right next to the bridge and has views of the Sydney harbour. It is a great place to stay and do some film photography. This is a brief guide to get you started with your travels. You can get an overview of where to stay, potential photography locations, where to buy your 35mm film and a photo lab to get your film processed.  

photo of a film camera

Where To Stay

The best places to stay when travelling are serviced apartments. This is because it gives a feeling of a home away from home. If you want to feel like a local, then it is recommended to stay here. If you are looking for something more on a budget, there are options available. Another idea is to contact a local film photographer, this will provide great ideas and may even get you a couch to surf. 

photo of serviced apartment in North Sydney

Best Spots

The best spots for film photography will be by the harbour. If you like street photography, then get down to the water and find some boats and workers. The early mornings and late afternoons will give you rich colours and shadows to take advantage of. 

street photo of North Sydney

Where to Buy Film

The best and cheapest place to buy film while you are in North Sydney and anywhere in Australia is Walkens House Of Film. They deliver to anywhere, with standard delivery taking 1 – 2 days. They have the largest selection of all film stocks in Oz. There are some walk-in shops that you can find but expect to pay inflated prices. 

Best Labs

The most highly reviewed photo lab that is the closest to North Sydney is Rewind Photo Lab. You can get your film developed and scanned. They also sell 35mm film. It is a little bit far away, but you can do street photography on the way there and back to your serviced apartment.

photo of a 35mm film scanner