Misconceptions you need to know

Whenever there is lack of evidence and knowledge, it leads to ignorance which then ultimately leads to misconceptions. Before traveling to a different country regardless of vacation or business visit, it is important to learn the misconceptions and act accordingly. Indonesia is a popular country that is known to have a lot of misconceptions. Learn some of the misconceptions before traveling to Indonesia.

  1. Indonesia is totally an Islamic Country – Most of the Indonesian’s belong to the Muslim religion. However, there are locals who follow other religions apart from Muslim. Therefore, just because of a religion should never stop you from visiting a country.
  2. You Can Only Wear Conventional Clothes in Indonesia – Another popular misconception about Indonesia is that one needs to wear conventional clothes while visiting this amazing country. As mentioned above where majority of Indonesians follow the Muslim religion, the women are supposed to cover their body from head to toe. However, jeans, skirts, shirts are also allowed to be worn while visiting Indonesia. Keep in mind that it is important for men and women to wear appropriate clothes while visiting religious places.
  3. Indonesia is in Bali and Vice Versa – Bali is known to be one of the best holiday destinations for tourists. Many people have this mentality that Indonesia is a part of Bali. However, this is not true and in fact it is the opposite way around where Bali comes under the 34 provinces of Indonesia.

These are some of the misconceptions you need to learn before traveling to Indonesia. You should also consider booking for the best package that offer tour Bali Indonesia.

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