Medicaid Planning With Your Elderly Parents

Medicaid, for a lot of people, is the only long-term healthcare insurance available. If your parent needs to go to a hospital, unless he or she has substantial resources, then your parent will probably need to consult your state's Medicaid agency to apply for financial help for the nursing home.

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This blog covers the costs of nursing home care, what resources have to be utilized by the older individual to pay those prices, and what might be exempt so that costs do not entirely impoverish your parent or other family members.

You wish to ensure your elderly parent receives the much-needed attention that Medicaid can cover while at the same time protecting property your parents have spent a lifetime to acquire.

You are going to learn about how to conserve your parent's property while getting the care your elderly parent needs.

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A lot of people will try to keep their parents out of a nursing home for lots of reasons. One of the big reasons is the cost. Nursing home care is costly.

Often times family members hope Medicaid will cover their parent's health care costs but do not need Medicaid to take all their parent's money and property to cover it.

Some household members transfer property from the parent's name into the name of another individual so that Medicaid won't be able to take the property.