Information On Two Type Of Taxis In Israel

Taxi service is a common way to travel through Israel. There are many benefits to using a taxi as the main transportation method you when you visit the country.

Some of these benefits include affordability, comfortable car, frequent arrivals and departures, and easy to find. One can find out about finest Israel luxury tours through online search.

There are two types of taxi service are currently available in Israel and two of this type will be discussed below.

Special Taxi (private taxi)

When most people think of them think about a taxi cab special. Also known as a private taxi, taxi in Israel will take you and only you (and your friends if you want) and then take you to your destination.

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Runs a special taxi meter, as required by law, and has a price scale that makes the payment problems are much less common.

When you get into a taxi special you can be sure that you will only pay what the meter registers, no more and no less.

The taxi service (monit sherut)

Taxi services known as sherut monit is a larger cab which brings a lot of people at once. This is usually a minibus taxi and could hold about 10 people on average.

The monit sherut will take passengers around the city while walking. Because it is a vehicle and more money needs to be made along the way, the driver monit sherut will normally wait some time until their bus was full.

Both special taxis and taxi service will keep you from your location to your ultimate destination. It is just a matter of whether you want privacy or affordability special taxi cab service.

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