How to increase the battery backup of your smartphone ?

All of us are smartphone users with minimum one phone and sometimes even 2. Have you ever thought of the most important feature of a smartphone that we should be concerned about? It is the power backup. While purchasing a new smartphone, we used to think about its processor, camera, RAM, ROM etc. Yes, we do think about the battery part as well. But as per my opinion most of the people are not giving the power section the importance it actually should have. They end up with purchasing a good smartphone but not a best one. So next time you plan to purchase a new phone, you must take care about the battery features also.


Once you bought a phone with a good battery backup, there are still things that you can do to increase its existing backup time. Below are some of our suggestions to increase the battery backup of your smartphones.

  1. Try to block the unwanted application from running in the background.
  2. Brightness of the phone should be kept as per the requirement and not to set it to maximum always
  3. It is recommended to update your installed apps regularly, as the developers try to reduce the power consumption through some of the updates
  4. Try to avoid live wall papers and unnecessary widgets as both of them has high power utilization.
  5. Try to use the power saving mode if possible on long journeys.
  6. Use good powerbank which can help you in extending the battery life.

If you loves to play a lot of games in your smartphone, we strongly recommend you to buy a phone with a minimum of 3500 mAh battery. Otherwise you will be forced to charge your phone twice or even thrice a day.  As you know, every battery has an average limit of maximum number of charging. The more you charge a day, the faster the battery will get faulty. So, never end up in buying a phone with lot of features,  with less battery capacities.