How Does Google Play Gift Card Work?

Google play store is the largest app store in the world. Millions of apps are available in the Google play store. Apps play an important role if you want to utilize your smartphone to its full extent.

Most of the apps on the Google play store are free but some of the most useful apps are paid. Users have to purchase the app to use it and enjoy its premium features. However, if you do not want to add app charges to your monthly bill free Google play gift card is a great way out.

Google play gift card is used for buying apps, music, videos, and books on the Google play store. You can easily earn the free Google play gift cards. After earning the Google play gift card you have to redeem this gift card to convert it into Google wallet balance. Once you have enough credit you can use the Google play cards to buy the paid apps.

To purchase paid videos, apps, books and music using the Google play gift cards, you have to first log into your Google play store account. Once you have selected the paid apps, you can click the “Buy” button and continue. The next page will redirect you to the payment options. Then you can easily use the Google play gift card balance to pay the dues.