Guide for Packing a Summer Vacation Wardrobe


For some, packing can be a difficult task to start with. Packing for summer vacation is not only about carrying a pair of shorts, cotton t-shirt or your favorite flip-flops. There is more to this. Hence, if you’ve decided to go for a vacation with friends or family, these are some of the tips one should pack their bags.

  1. Linen shirt – Linen is the first choice for men during summer. This fabric is soft, stylish and easy to wear. Linen shirt has better style compared to a cotton t-shirt.
  2. Printed shirt –Printed shirts are the favorite for men during summer. There are various printed patterns available for men in different styles. Styles of 50’s, polka dots, Cuban collar and more prints are available to choose from.
  3. Polo shirt –Polo shirts are not just a new trend, if worn with the right fit they are versatile and can be worn to different occasions.
  4. Wide Legged Trousers – These shorts are fashionable when worn with a pair of Cuban shirt. It is best alternative to jeans.
  5. Board Shorts – Board shorts are available for professional surfers and casual wear. Retro, modern, baggies, half jam are some of the different styles men can choose from. One shouldn’t worry about the size either. These board shorts come in various sizes. Men on the heavier side need not worry, because  men’s board shorts size 40 is also available in all the styles.