Four Common Mistakes of Close Protection Officers

A Closer Look at Four Mistakes Close Protection Officers Should Avoid Making

There are certain mistakes that close protection officers should avoid making to provide better services to their clients. Let us look at what those mistakes are.

Mistakes Close Protection Officers Should Avoid

Financial Considerations

close protection officersIf you are a close protection officer and you start ordering chewing gum and cigarettes from room service while staying at a hotel at your client's expense then no client will appreciate such behavior.

Even if a client has high net worth, it is certain that client has allocated a certain budget for security services and if the expenditure goes well beyond the set budget then it is likely that close protection officer will lose his or her job.

If you practically look at it, for finance department of your client, you are one of the expenditures that they need to make a budget for. The accountant will not be happy if the close protection officers are having a starter, the main course as well deserts at their client's expenditure when the officers are already getting an allowance. As such, a close protection officer will come under close scrutiny if he or she starts costing more than budget for such security services.

Payment and Contracts

Another common mistake close protection officers make is of discussing payments they are getting and their service contracts with their clients. Such discussions often include details about how tough the times are and difficulty close protection officer is facing in earning bread for his or her family.

The mistake these close protection officers make is they forget that payment you are getting from your security firm is your personal issue and is not something that they should be discussing with their client.

By starting such conversation you will be devaluing your professionalism, your company as well as raise doubts in your client's mind about your integrity. The result will be a shortened career.

The best thing to do if you are not satisfied with the package you are getting will be to find another better job instead of compromising the reputation of the company you are working for.

Becoming Friends

Oftentimes close protection officers try to become friends with their clients instead of maintaining a professional relationship. This behavior can result in a close protection officer unconsciously compromising the security of their client. 

The reason such behavior is to be avoided is that when you are trying to become your client's friend, it is likely that you will start focusing on your client instead of potential threats your client is facing. The final result of such behavior would be that you will end up losing your job.

Level of Respect

It is likely that your client is surrounded by other people and you should not treat them with different levels of respect. As a newcomer, you will not have any knowledge of what type of relationship client has with his or her employees. 

If you disrespect a servant who has been serving client's family for almost 30 years will inevitably result in termination of your job.


To summarize we can say that role of a close protection officer is certainly a challenging one and by not making these above mistakes you will be able to prolong your career.