Fall In Love with Waterfalls in Cebu

The hot weather sometimes cause us to yearn for a continuous blast of a soft breeze even a small gush of wind makes us want to soak in cold water. As a lot of people are having their toes in the sand, you might consider being in a cooler alternative for the hot weather we are currently experiencing at summer in Cebu. Here are the most beautiful waterfalls you can find in Cebu:

Dao Falls in Samboan

This waterfall is located in Samboan, Cebu which is about 4-5 hours from the city depending on the traffic. It has an entrance fee of 20 Pesos which is inclusive of a guide. It is the highest falls in Samboan for around 120 meters. The water that falls down is not so strong and just sticks to the wall. It is around 6 feet deep and perfect for you to relax on.

Tumalog Falls in Oslob

This waterfall is located in Oslob, Cebu which is also the place where you can swim and interact with the whale sharks. From the city, it will take about 3-4 hours depending on the traffic. The entrance fee is 20 Pesos and you can do a lot of things in there such as fish spa, swimming and have a shower in the waterfalls.

Binalayan Falls in Samboan

This waterfall is located in Samboan which has 3 columns water flowing directly into a catch basin. Since the area is hidden, the waterfall is also called as hidden falls and a perfect spot for skinny dipping if you’re alone. Getting here is easy but it requires hiking through a clearly marked trail. You can stop to rest if you’re tired along the way.

Kawasan Falls

This waterfall is located at Badian which is about 2-3 hours from the city depending again on the traffic. The entrance is 50 Pesos. It is a three-stage cascade of crystal clear water and considered to be the pearl of the Philippines because of its beauty.

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