Don’t Forget to Call an Electrician When Building Your Additional Room

Before you handle adding up a new hobby area, take the time to do your homework and produce an electrical power program. As habitual of doing it yourself, you may be so inclined as to tackle that hobby room addition you have been thinking about and while you may have the skills to measure, cut and nail up the frame and drywall, you might wish to consider hiring a licensed electrical expert to install the power receptacles and lighting fittings.

Staying Safe in Your Home With A Qualified Electrician

While it may appear simple in theory, there are a large number of things to consider when installing electrical fixtures, switches, and receptacles. For instance, with the electrical distribution panel will you be able to supply electrical service to your room expansion using your

Existing electric service panel or will you need to install a new feeder circuit and an independent service panel to your new addition? These are the sorts of questions that will need to be answered by a qualified electrician and electrical contractor.

You can do some things, however, before you call in an electrician. Grab a sheet of paper and sketch out the overall design of your hobby room. When you have not taken the time, think carefully about the overall layout, where your workspace will be and the places such as seats and counter area etc.. Then create a list of all the huge power tools, air compressor, and any other large power consumption tools.