Cloud Computing Has Made a Significant Impact On Retail Industry

Cloud has created its place in the e-commerce and every industry is taking the

huge benefits of cloud resulting in a scalable IT solutions without actually having

the on-premise infrastructure. cloud computing is skyrocketing its revenues from

4 billion dollars in 2011 to $15 billion dollars till last year. There are two major

sectors banking and retail who are massively taking an advantage of cloud


To sell a product, a mobile presence is inevitable. More than 80% of customers

use smartphones or laptops to make their purchase choices, it becomes very easy

to retain them with the special offers and discounts. The retailer who provides a

personalized experience to customer wins always.

A web application or a cloud computing based platform can also help you with

manufacturing what customer wants rather we can make. A lot of companies, do

a rigorous analysis of customer choices and plans out the manufacturing


Cloud computing is proven the excellent decision when it comes to managing an

inventory. Hallmark Cards sold their cards worldwide the solution that was

developed on the cloud. All the retail partners of Hallmark used the same

applications for the same and inventory remained in an accurate position. No

data synchronization, no data backup was performed deliberately as cloud

handled everything.

Come on cloud and experience the relief from the infrastructure and intra-

department or intra-store hurdles.