Chiropractic Believe It Or Not

Someone saying they "don’t believe in chiropractic" is like saying they "don’t believe in electricity."  No matter how hard you try to not believe in electricity, if you stick your finger in a light socket you’re going to get shocked.  The point is, you don’t have to believe in it for it to work.  It’s not a “belief”, it is science. 

Granted, in the early days of chiropractic there was not a lot of research to back up the claims that chiropractors were making.  And, frankly, some chiropractors made pretty outrageous claims to be able to cure everything.  In fact, the first chiropractic adjustment was given by D.D. Palmer on a guy named Harvey Lillard back in 1895 and the adjustment was said to have restored his hearing.  Naturally, Palmer thought he found a cure for defness.  That didn’t really turn out to be the case and I’ve never heard of another case of restored hearing since.

However, since about the 1980’s there has been a ton of research to back up the scientific principals behind chiropractic.  Just from a physiological standpoint it makes sense.  You nerves control everything in your body.  Your central nervous system runs through your spinal column and communicates with every organ, tissue and cell of your body via spinal nerves.  If your spinal column gets shifted out of place and puts any kind of pressure on those nerves, whatever the nerves control don’t work at 100%.  Taking the pressure off the nerves then restores that function.  For more information, contact your local Chandler chiropractic office.