Things Not to Bring Along to Hostel


Hostel packing is all about being smart which is a little different compared to others. There are times we get so excited about traveling to a new destination and forget how to or what items to bring along with us. If this is going to be your first time living in a hostel, then avoid bringing these set of items.

  • Massive Suitcase – We get the importance of a suitcase. They are large that allow us to carry almost all the items without requiring another bag. However, the larger the suitcase the heavier it is. And the heavier it is, more space is required to store them. So, in the same manner, avoid bringing to a hostel.
  • Dress and Fancy Shoes – When it comes to clothing, you would rather bring some simple clothes along. Most of the times, you will be meeting new people in the living room, having fun at the bars and so on. As for shoes, you must remember that you’re traveling and not going for a fashion show.
  • Towel – Modern hostels provide towels to travelers and if not they give you on rental basis. If you need to take a shower just ask the staff for a clean pair of towels and you’re fine. However, if you still wish to carry one on your own, then get a small one such as face towel.
  • Shooting Cameras – Thanks to the popularity of technology, smartphones are capable of taking some of the best shots. Moreover, there are apps that gives you the opportunity to tune it before you upload to your favorite social media sites.

These are some of the items not to bring along while staying in one of the hostels in Thailand.

Kalanggaman Island: Leytes very own Boracay

Kalanggaman Island is the pride of Palompon, Leyte. The island is reeking of adventure and exclusivity. The turquoise water and white sand of the island would totally make you love the island. Kalanggaman island tour isn’t that easy to book with since the day it gains popularity because only 500 people are allowed to enter the island in order to preserve its beauty and to keep the island from polluted. 

Kalanggaman is considered a tourism jewel in Eastern Visayas. This previously unknown spot located in Palompon, Leyte became popular after photos of its long sandbar went viral in social media. Aside from its picturesque sandbar, Kalanggaman island also offers white sands, dive spots and clear turquoise waters.


The island is flat and surrounded by white sand with some rocky part. The eastern and western tips are sandbars that blend well with the color of the water. Dwarf coconut trees are scattered in the center, while rich and colorful marine life is resting underneath, unexploited. There’s no resort or hotel in the area, which is a good thing to most people since less buildings and establishments present is one way to preserve the beauty of the island and other things, but campers are welcome in the island.


Getting there from Cebu City 

From Cebu – There are boats in the town of Bogo that are accredited to transport tourists to Kalanggaman island. Going there from Cebu City, catch a bus to Bogo from North Bus Terminal and proceed to Bantay Dagat near Siocon Elementary School to charter a boat to Kalanggaman island. 

From Leyte – Go to Ormoc City or Tacloban City in Leyte. And from Tacloban, catch a van to Palompon. Van leaves every hour from downtown, travel time is around 3 hours, the van fare is P160 ($3.1). And as for Ormoc, you may catch a local bus or van to Palompon for 2 hours travel time, van fare is P120 ($2.2). 

In Palompon – Proceed to the Palompon Tourism Office and charter a pump boat to Kalanggaman island thru the Ecotours Office. Boat rate is P3,000 for maximum of 15 passengers, P3,500 for maximum of 25 passengers and P4,000 for maximum of 30 passengers. 


DOs and DON'Ts

  • Aside from swimming and sun bathing, you can also do these things; snorkeling, diving and biking.
  • You can even have a very romantic and stunning as you watch as the sun goes down.
  • Loud music is not allowed at night so you are sure to enjoy the serenity of the place.
  • You can’t go to Kalanggaman island on a very short notice since you have to secure a slot first. Call Palompon Eco-Tourism Office at (053) 555 9731 or 0926 816 4005 to check if they can accommodate you on your preferred dates so that you can avail for a Kalanggaman island tour.

Why Avail The Steinway Piano Rebuilding And Restoration Tour

Without a doubt, this name has built a good reputation in the musical world. It has earned the trust of countless pianists and musicians. It has a solid foundation and excellent reputation in the said world. In fact, to help users understand the company more, they even offer the Steinway piano rebuilding and restoration tour. By taking part of it, you could watch how experts rebuild and fix your favorite piano.

This is very educational, particularly, to those people who want to become a piano repair specialist too. If you want to learn something about fixing piano, watching experts work would never be a bad idea. Until now, nobody has surpassed their name. They have maintained their good reputation in the industry.

Surely, young tinkers can use this chance to grow and hone their skills. This tour is not completely limited to the likes of them. Even musicians would love this tour. Knowing musicians, surely, they want to know how their pianos are being fixed and rebuilt. This brand is quite popular.

That is why it is not really surprising why it is pricey. Not all people could fix it. If an amateur tuned or fix the piano, they might end up losing the real beauty of the brand. That is possible. For musicians, they treat their pianos like musical partners. It is a big thing for them. If they lost the original quality of their piano, this problem might affect their performance.

Not only that. It might even affect their investments. With all of those being written, make sure to drop by. You could always come with your friend. Taking the tour is not a bad idea. Aside from the knowledge they would obtain, in this event, visitors would even meet tons of remarkable people.

Of course, they also meet amateurs too. Either way, they can use this opportunity to enhance their connections in the music world. If you like to have a good start in this industry, you have to go into the place where pros and amateurs gather. This tour will give you a chance to meet them.

Make sure to enjoy it. Truly, this tour would give you plenty of advantages and perks. Musicians should take this time for granted. Prepare yourself to be amazed and to be mesmerized. Surely, experts of the industry would never let you down. Their veterans would exceed your expectations.

Every detail would matter. Aside from its sound, the aesthetic appeal of the instrument shall matter too. Once you will become popular, you would be using this instrument in front of the crowd. It is only ideal that you give it the finest looks and designs. Experts are aware of their obligations.

They know everything there is to know about the product. Since they have the parts for its restoration, expect that they would be able to deliver good results in a short amount of time. Every musician should consider the skills of their repair partner. When it comes to the brand, it would be best for them to consult its manufacturer. Those people know the process well. They know the tool inside and out.

Luxury Apartments Enjoy an Affordable Stay

You have achieved a place in which you have a safe job and you may deal with the apartment you have always dreamed of. You're not happy with the flat you are living in and need a little more luxury and space.

A few of the recent luxury flats can provide you with a comfortable way of life, with the latest gear. These kinds of flats are usually found in the simplest places that may surely create your everyday lifestyle easier. You can explore to find Greenpoint rentals in Brooklyn, NY.

Luxurious flats in Greenpoint have whatever you love within simple reach – your morning coffee, refreshing grocery shops, nail and beauty salons, shop shopping, upscale and casual dining room, fitness and pleasure. Apartments in Greenpoint, NY provide you with a selection of single-family and multi-family houses.

Greenpoint is famous for its wonderful societies and components which guarantee visitors. To maximize their tourism business, there is a great deal of luxury Greenpoint hotels and Luxury apartments in Greenpoint to provide their precious visitors.

OTTO Greenpoint Luxury Apartments Reflect Couch

Ordinarily, a luxury apartment means open space, trendy designs, and total capabilities. These components can't skip from this kind of flats. Huge balconies can be found and come available with over-sized cooking areas and baths for making you know every step.

Along with this, the flats offer you amazing views and so are pet-friendly. And because everybody has their own fantasies, two or three bedroom areas can be rented.

Normally, such a location will provide the identical features provided by luxury hotels such as net access, coffee maker, air-conditioner, LCD television, and other essential features. But remaining at the flat has a lot of benefits over hotels. The flat has a much wider area and an extra kitchen for you for creating which you can't do in hotels.

Apart from that, most flats for people can be found in close to popular vacation areas. It supplies you with all the relaxation of getting to the critical areas in a couple of minutes. By remaining in such flat, it won't just be sensible but also spend less on transportation.

Luxurious Greenpoint flats provide a massive home at an affordable price compared with luxury hotels. By staying in a flat, you can certainly do and handle your things as though you are staying in your home. 

Types of Charter Yachts in Croatia

Croatia yachts firms have each kind of yachts that are very unique from other countries. They arrange everything with special facilities for all types of tourists on the yacht.

Croatia is an amazing and most beautiful place in the world. It became one of the best destinations for tourist. A number of visitors come per year to explore the most beautiful places and things.

If you want to read more about Croatia yacht charters then you can browse

There are top most beautiful islands in Croatia. You can enjoy these islands for making your trip more memorable. Croatia is the destination of kingdoms like Christian, Venetian, and Roman.

There are many kinds of yachts in Croatia the range of these yacht charters starts from 30 foot to the 100-foot luxury crew. You can also hire a boat with a motor; it is the best choice for family holidays. Every boat has unique features and services.

Luxury Yacht Charter –  it is the luxuries type of charter with amazing is used in Adriatic Seas. This luxury yacht is a fascinating choice, you can explore the natural beauty, sightseeing, cuisine with high speed. They provide luxurious services for their customers. It is also best to explore the Croatian islands.

Crewed Catamaran Charter – Catamaran is also a good choice for hiring. These are very comfortable; it is a good choice for families and young generation groups. These yachts have large spaces.

Gullet Charter – These are wooden types of yachts, these have four or five cabins and bathrooms. They also provide you with dining rooms, big floors, and an area for enjoying the parties.

Tips to Choose the Right Hostel for Work and Fun


If you’re on constant move, it becomes difficult to choose the right type of accommodation. That’s why,choosing to stay at the right place is the number one factor. Not just for the comfort but also to save money. Next time if you’re traveling, then try staying in a hostel. These are a few tips to choose the right one for you.

  • Atmosphere – Hostels have a lot of students and travelers staying in. It is important to choose the one with the right atmosphere. Not only must the service be good but friendly enough to make new friends.
  • Small Over Big – Choosing to stay in a smaller hostel is way better. It makes you productive during your work, peaceful and even the internet is more stable.
  • Check the Interior – A hostel consisting of a bar may sound great. However, if you’re going to work there, then see if the hostel has enough working space consisting of tables, seats and a comfortable lounge.
  • Check Ratings and Reviews – You must check online for hostels that has positive reviews and ratings. However, a good rating is fine but you may end up staying in a noisier hostel. So, check the reviews carefully.

These are some of the simplest tips to remember if you choose to stay in hostel. There are some of the best hostels in Thailand if you’re planning to visit the country.

Know More about Luxury Hotel Accommodations

The term luxury” goes together with 5-star hotels and this phrase is frequently pitched and used freely when describing or substituting luxury hotels. It supplies feature services that provide the personal attention that’s incomparable.

Such best hotels display supreme quality, hospitality, and appeal to every requirement of their customer so they get the very best possible resort experience. You can check out the best hotels In Makkah in Saudi Arabia.

Some hotels give porter services which help the guest in gaining entry to some private concert, restaurant, or Broadway series while preparing for them and also help them in the implementation of any occasion.

Does your luxury resort guarantee luxury?

Very often luxury hotels are categorized as being 5-star hotels, but they’re in reality just the opposite. There are lots of five and four-and-a-half star rated hotels which do have all of the hotel services which could be well categorized, but they don’t focus on the complex details of this authentic luxury.

Ordinarily, 5-star luxury hotels give special amenities for kids and a few also allow pets that you want to examine online. They generally have wheelchair accessibility if you happen to get a disabled or elderly person in your loved ones.

A five-star resort stands for everything that’s balanced quality. They have excellent amenities, facilities, services, and friendly staff that are always prepared to serve you.

Importance of vacation in Islands


Going to an island for a vacation is something many tourists prefer. However, after or during their time on the island, very little do they know the importance of going there. Here are a few reasons to let you know the importance of islands to us.

  • Rare Species – Around 25% of population of birds, plants and animal species are found only on islands. Species found on the island consist of unique traits making the island quite unique and beautiful.
  • Islands Serve as the Resting Sites for Birds – We know that birds tend to migrate based on different seasons. Some birds take rest, while others migrate on the island on permanent basis.
  • Support to Humans –Around 600 million people live on or near the island. These people depend on the island for their survival by adapting to its nature, culture and tradition.
  • Coral Reef Ecosystems –One of the most unique things of an island is that it acts as a foundation for marine species and coral reefs. This is due to the fact that the nutrients from the deeper part of water pushes up towards the surface. This nutrient serves as a source of food.

The Bedarra Island in Australia serves as one of the best and romantic destination for couples.

Reasons For Choosing Croatia Sailing Yacht Charter

If you want to enjoy your vacations around the cool and peaceful waters of Adriatic Sea in Croatia with chartering of sailing yachts then your dream has come true, you've to book a new sailing yacht charter with an experienced skipper who can provide you with an ideal tour in Croatian islands.

Fun and experience

Croatia is also popular for its athletic events in the world, tens of thousands, visitors come to watch and take part in the event. The yacht contest’s enjoying the sea sports with their facilities.

If you want to get more information about Sailing charter Croatia and Croatia yacht charters, you can visit online websites.

In Croatia, it is also possible to learn sailing from the specialists, especially for those people coming to Croatia for spending holidays with family. Croatian vacations popular for fun with experience and provide memorable moments for travelers.

Yacht chartering

Including sports, you may even take new sailing yacht charter from a company which can help you in earning additional income in the yacht charter. The Croatian Government has given the chance to the people to charter yachts to get their enterprise pleasure.

You can take the help of local yacht chartering organizations to charter your ships into the localities or the tourists coming for sail excursions.

Scuba Diver Safety Guide

There'll be situations where you may find yourself in trouble especially in the event that you get into the surface and you're not able to observe the dive boat or alternative fellow divers. If you panic you will not Be able to think clearly and you will waste energy.

This may also occur if the swells and waves are over four feet high and as you're floating low in the water the ship really might be a hundred yards away and not have the ability to view you.

Time is against you because if there are strong currents they will be moving you farther and farther away from the starting point and you will begin losing warmth despite wearing a wetsuit.

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Another aspect to consider is if you are floating in the ocean you'll require drinking water long before you require food and sunlight will burn you.  For professional diving, You can explore this source "Best Dive Shops in Cozumel – Scuba Diving Instructors in Mexico".

Some basic precautions May enhance your chances for survival. They have an inflatable signal device that might be useful but where do you maintain it is the question. Another solution that's more helpful at dusk and at night is a sign light that obviously needs to be watertight and long-lasting.

Presently There are some lights on the market which will provide some aid dependent on the color of the light, length of the lighting, flashing or solid color, depth ability of the light, size of their security light and endurance.