Are You Selling Characteristics or Benefits?

What's the advantage someone is buying when they buy a wristwatch? Was the first thing that popped into your head something along the lines of "the capability to understand what time it's"?

If that's the case, you dropped into the Feature/Benefit snare that we frequently fall into when we create our promotional materials and sales demonstrations. Are you thinking of selling your Rolex watch, then you may visit some reputed websites on the Web.

Are You Selling Characteristics or Benefits?

Benefits appeal to the needs and worth of our potential clients, and in the Maximum level benefits usually fall into three classes:

1. Cash: The item or service helps the buyer make or save money.

2. Time: The item or service aids the buyer conserve time or frees up time to do different things.

3. Ego: The service or product in some way makes the consumer feel great.

Finally your products or services must appeal to a buyer in among those 3 regions. Additionally, when creating benefits you must maintain the following five factors in mind:

1. The significance of benefits differs dependent on the target market you need to communicate with. Frequently you will find an assortment of influencers and decision makers involved with a purchase decision. You have to tailor your promotional materials along with your demonstration to everyone

2. it’s crucial to think about needs and needs of your target market when picking advantages to market. The wants and needs of a Timex buyer are extremely distinct from those of a Rolex purchaser. Consequently, the qualities and advantages highlighted in promotional materials will differ.

3. Pick benefits that distinguish your service or product in the contest – or at least ones that your target market perceives as identifying.