All You Need to Know About Fijis National Drink Kava


Kava is the National drink of Fiji which is religiously enjoyed a ceremony. Do try out the Kava which is usually served by the locals to all. Here’s what you must know about Fiji’s National drink.

  • What is Kava? – Kava is made from the roots of a local pepper plant. The roots are crushed into a find grind and then mixed with water. The drink is served in a coconut shell and has a muddy water appearance. During the Yaqona ceremony this drink is often offered to tourists and guest as a sign of respect. Make sure to try out the drink when offered.
  • How to Drink Kava? – Once the kava is made, it is then transferred into a coconut shell bowl. This drink is offered to all guests who are invited to visit the local villages of Fiji. Before you take the first sip, make sure to clap once, accept it and drink. After your turn, you need to clap again and say ‘Bula’. Shying away from the drink is considered an insult by the locals.
  • The Effects – Once you finish your first cup of Kava, there will be a slight numb sensation to the lips and tongue. If you enjoy the taste do drink more as it does not cause any hangover.

You can experience the Yaqona ceremony in most of the exclusive Fiji Island resorts.