All You Need To Know About Asbestos


Asbestos is a thin, mineral crystal and fibrous material that occurs in its natural state. Traditionally, asbestos was considered to be cheap material consisting of desirable properties that lead to being high in demand. Some of the asbestos properties being so desirable was due to being good absorber of sound, common strength, great insulator consisting of high resistant to damage from heat, fire and chemical.

Archeologists had discovered asbestos nearly 4500 years ago which was used to provide strength to cooking utensils and earthenware pots. The popularity of asbestos went on the rise during the 20th century due to being used in fire-retardant coatings, pipe insulations, bricks etc.

So, what led to the banning of asbestos?

During the 1900s, the first asbestos infected individual came into existence in Britain where the government introduced certain rules and regulations in relation to asbestos. Few years down the line, American medical literature introduced Mesothelioma; a term related to asbestos disease. After that, many researchers conducted studies on asbestos that led to the believe that asbestos was considered to be hazardous.

So, why is asbestos dangerous?

Amosite and crocidolite are 2 minerals found in asbestos. When these 2 minerals get accumulated on the surface of the lungs, it led to certain hazardous diseases such as lung cancer, mesothelioma etc. The main problem of these minerals is that whenever an asbestos infected individual tried to remove from the body, it remained inside leading to dangerous diseases.

With asbestos threatening the lives of many people, asbestos removal in Newcastle and other parts of Australia become a necessity.

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