5 cooking techniques you can try at home

While fine diners are probably well aware of the latest cooking techniques, the rest of the world have to rely on cooking shows and reality TV to keep up.

If you’d like to bring a touch of class to your kitchen, here are a few no-fail cooking techniques you can try out in your own kitchen.

1. Flambe

This is my personal favorite, firstly because it lights up the room, and secondly because it requires you to pour a decent amount of alcohol over your food before setting it alight.

2. Dredging

You’re probably already doing this but it may surprise you that it’s called “dredging”. It simply entails coating your food with breadcrumbs or flour before cooking it.

3. Steaming

The perfect technique when you’re on strategic weight loss diet plan. Steaming uses no oils or butters. It’s the vapor caused by boiling water that cooks the food.

4. Sweating

Only in the kitchen does the term “sweating the small stuff” take on a literal meaning. Sweating is the technique for lightly cooking some of your ingredients in a little oil or butter before adding the rest.  For example, you would sweat your onions before adding the meat.

5. Shocking

You know that process where you dip your cooked noodles into icy cold water to stop it from cooking? That’s shocking.

At first glance, these names may suggest that cooking is a work-out, but these techniques are easy as pie to apply. And there’s the added bonus of sounding like an executive chef when you give your friends the recipe.