24 TV Show Star Kiefer Sutherland to Get Married Again

I have just come with a kind of scoop; you guys were waiting these days. Buzz is rounding up the entertainment industry that Kiefer Sutherland, whom we know as Jack Bauer from 24 series, is engaged to Siobhan Bonnouvrier and both of them might put into wedlock, very soon.

I would suggest everybody not to take the whole issue very seriously as it’s only a speculation.

Actually, Sutherland’s girlfriend Bonnouvrier was recently spotted flaunting a diamond ring on her wedding finger. Now on the basis of this fact, some section of the media is trying to make out a gossip story.

Well, I would say there is no harm in it as the actor himself is pot boiling source of celebrity tidbits. In case you wish to have a glimpse of him, Watch 24 episodes online free here.

One of the leading dailies also reported that both Sutherland and his long-term (about two years) ladylove were seen sharing some good times in a restaurant of Portofino Italy.

It seems that the action hero is trying to live to the fullest after finishing off the TV show. He definitely deserves it, but he must come clear about all the gossips surrounding him.

It’s true that most of his performances on 24 episodes had been impeccable. But interestingly he makes headlines for his off-the-set activities, rather than for his acting skills.

However, it’s not that he hasn’t been appreciated for his rigorous action stunts as well as on-screen appearances. Most of the fans compared him with the famous character of James Bond.

Well, I don’t know whether Jack Bauer could be compared with James Bond or not. To me he is the ever-exuberant CTU Special agent. If you want to have this character installed in your PC, then download 24 episodes from here with best of speed and video quality.

Speaking about Sutherland’s love life, it can be said that he belongs to that bunch of TV stars who love to be in the headline, for one reason or the other. As of now, much concern will on whether the two gets married or not.

And if it happens, Sutherland would taste the lollypop for the third time. Unless I get further information on the whole issue, you can watch 24 online season 9 here.